The data is collected via an SDK from our mobile apps published in almost every category in the Google Play and App Store.


For the best visual representation of the data it is displayed in maps, graphics, diagrams and tables.


All data is analyzed in real-time using the most effective functions. Data can then be filtered by mobile carrier, network access technology, city or time in order to view all of the results from different angles with comparison charts.

What is GSM Information Map?


GSM Information Map is a tool which provides aggregated data from real sources and analyses them in real time. The GSM Information parameters such as internet speed, PING, signal strength, access technology, barrier & carrier, mobile devices can be filtered and compared by city, mobile operator, network access technology.

Real time data

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OUR Features


The back-end side implemented in the GSM Information Map is cleared of inaccurate data through an advanced filtering mechanism. The in-put data is checked with an authentication function that guarantees the accuracy and validity of all data displayed in the GSM information Map

Real Time ThroughPut Changes

The GSM Information Map service provides Internet speed changes in real time on a map with user-friendly diagrams and tables.

Internet Speed

Testing Internet speed will help investigate network performance and provides access to information in real time.

RSRP and RSSNR Changes

Access to monitor all changes of the RSRP and RSSNR. This is due to the critical importance of signal strength to properly interpret network performance measurement results.


GSM metrics that provide a key measure of signal level and quality.

Access Technology

Filter between the technology used to access your services and compare them against other metrics in a visual graphic to measure the performance.

Signal Strength

Measure the Signal Strength of a network in real time and have them displayed in graphics and diagrams for ease of comparison

Barrier and Carrier

Real time comparisons of the frequency band by access network technology are displayed in graphics and can be filtered by location

Phone Type

On the diagrams is being displayed type of mobile device using population by operator and network access technology 2G, 3G, 4G


Advantages of GSM Map

  • Displays only accurate and verified data
  • Authentication technologies to filter and eliminate innacurate data
  • Data is sourced through thousands of mobile app users
  • Utilises the fastest functions for data analysis
  • Conducts and displays analysis in real time
  • User friendly interface